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I've recently created this page with the intent of helping my fellow marketer. Over the past months I've written dozens upon dozens of articles that I've either posted on enzines, or just kept stuffed away in my desk. Well I figure it's time to put them to some use. So I've gathered them up along with some e-books, free software and a few other goodies. I love to write, so if there is anything you would like to hear my opinion about or basic fact, please let me know and I will get right on it. I am just a normal guy with just a little extra time on my hands. The internet has set me free financially and if you would trust in me I will take your hand and guide you down the path to prosperity. Why do you ask? Because in order to succeed in this business we must all help one another, otherwise it will not work. That is my belief and I trust in it. Sincerely, James Craven

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ads and Cash

I just wanted to share another great way to advertise your business. Using Ads and Cash opposed to some of the other ad websites is really a no-brainer. It is full of tools and useful information. You get 250.00 in free advertising after about 10 minutes worth of quick free sign-ups.
These sign-ups consist of joining a Traffic Exchange, which is always useful, and a Forum. A forum is a great place to develop relationships with people interested in the same things you are. If you aren't already involved in one, click the title to this post and start the sign-up process with Ads and Cash, where you will be redirected to the Big Marketing Forum. You will then recieve 250.00 in advertising.
It's all FREE, so get started.
God Bless,
James Craven

Friday, January 30, 2009

Veretekk Systems

I just discovered what may be a great resource for getting free leads. In the coming weeks I will post my discoveries concerning Veretekk. I am going to use this as another resource for gathering leads for my primary business. If you are unfamiliar with my articles and/or blog that company is LeadsSystemsMLMPro.com. It is Network Marketing's First Ever Self Branded, Fully Customizable, Attraction Marketing Website. In a future blog posting I will discuss the importance of Attraction Marketing and how it can help you succeed in your online venture. Until then, read some of my free e-books and learn some new tricks that can help you make money.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Market Your Leadership Skills Over the Internet

Is leadership important? What do you think? Who would want to follow someone who has no direction, no skills and no talent. Not I. That is why it is so important to market yourself.
The internet is full of people striving to make money online. The problem is they don't have a clue on how to market their new company or business. The reason for that is the lack of education. If there was one simple lesson that should have been learned while in school is that in order to be good at something you must have determination, skill and above all knowlegde. And where can we attain that knowledge? Why in books! Where else? If you are new to this internet game then go out and get yourself some books and read as much as you can. Even if you only pick up one little tid bit of information that can help you then it was a good read. Internet marketing is more about selling yourself as a leader then it is about selling your company. For example: If you received a phone call from someone marketing his business and he was very unsure of himself would you purchase the product. No! But on the other hand if his self-confidence poured through the phone like a river and his voice and obvious leadership skills astounded you then you probably would dish out your money.
I remember a time when I received a call from a marketer pushing and selling magazines. I didn't want no stinking magazines, but I bought them anyway, not because I was an idiot, but because she was so damn persuasive. Now that to me is a strong leadership quality. Being able to render someone else under your will.
Years went bye and then I began fiddling with this internet thing. Yeah I fooled around in a few different programs, not getting anywhere. And the question kept popping up. Why? What am I doing wrong? I'm doing everything the program taught me to do, but yet I still can't draw a profit.
The problem was I didn't have the leadership qualities I needed to succeed. I didn't have any real knowledge of the business I was in. I was just floating around hoping my boat would set sail. It went on like that for some time. Then I finally came to realize what my problem was. I wish I had sooner because it would have saved me thousands on PPC and ads and all other types of promotion. I needed to learn. I needed to to go back to school. I didn't have the time or the money or the wherewithal to go back to college, so I went to the nearest book store and made my first purchase on marketing. Since then I have read practically everything I can get my hands on. There are countless free e-books online worth reading. Yeah some are just selling offers of one sort or another but you'll find that jewel in the rough, I promise you. And remember even one valuable tip is worth it's weight in gold if it can help mazimize your earning potential.
There are basically three types of people out there. The Beta's, the pre-alpha's and the alpha. The Beta's are the timid one's who don't have a clue what they are doing and are willing to follow anyone with a good storyline, hoping to make them rich. The pre-alpaha's are the ones who have taken the corner and are making strides in taking control of their life and their surroundings, but they're still not there yet. They still lack that overwhelming confidence that it takes for people to follow you. And the Alpha's, well they are on top of the world. They have it all. The car's, the guys or girls, the vacations, the dream house by the ocean and that is why people will follow them. They have something they all want. Even if you were just part of their group other people would be jealous of you just for being associated with someone of such obvious allure. They are leaders, pure and simple.
So in order to become a leader you must first take pride in what you do. Show self-confidence, drive and purpose. Learn the ropes. Read! Internet marketing can be very frustrating at times. Of course you hear the stories of how Joe made a million in his first month with some new program. But that is a fluke. Did it happen to you or me? No. If it had, life during those early years of turmoil would have been much different. No turmoil, for one, and a fat bank account for two.
I truly like working in the comfort of home. It's nice and quiet. I'm not bothered by some overbearing boss or cowardly co-worker. The refrigerator is just down the stairs and my home gym is in the garage loft. Life is good. The reason for this is I took the time to learn what the hell marketing really was and I implemented it. There is alot to it, believe me. But being a leader is number one. Remember when trying to sell your biz you are not really selling the company to your prospect you are selling you and if you can't do that then the money is still going out and not coming in. And that sucks.
So what if you don't have the time to go out and read all this necessary information. What then? Well my friend you may just end up running around in circles. Yeah, there are programs out there that offer all sorts of helpful tools to help you succeed. But in choosing one that is right for you and really has the offerings that you need to get ahead, now that is rough. There are just so many programs out there. And most of them don't care if you succeed or not. They are the Alpha's sitting on the beach somewhere, sucking down wine coolers, while you frustrate yourself trying to get your system going.
I'm going to be bold here and offer a great program that teaches these leadership qualities that I'm writing to you about. It has everything, great back office and awesome tutorials. It got me where I am today, money wise. The leadership qualities I developed myself. The program increased my desire and got me interested in helping others. I want you to succeed. I want you to have a fat bank account. I want you to be able to go to Vega on a whim and blow money without thinking about. That my friend is living. We all want that freedom. We strive for it. That's why we are here on the internet. Financial freedom!
My advice to you is this, try this program for 1 dollar for 2 weeks. My link is http://www.LeadsSystemsMLMPro.com. Hit the link at the bottom right of this page. You can take the program you are using now and take it with you and implement it into their system and sell it just as well. They will give you the tools to succeed and point you in the right direction. There is alot left to learn in this internet marketing game and it is always changing. Stay informed, stay on top and join.
My best of luck to you always. God Bless and take care, James Craven

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Catastropic Beginning to My Marketing Career

In the beginning of my internet journey I floundered and struggled to find my way. I think everyone goes through these same learning curves. It's not fun and it's costly.
I joined up with a few companies to start, only 2, figuring I could manage and promote both at the same time. Not realistic, I discovered to my dismay. For one thing, I had no idea how to market. My primary marketing tools were safelists and autoresponders. Yeah, I got a few leads that lead nowhere, but I thought hey eventually this thing is going to work. I bought into my programs motto of how everything is going to work, on autopilot. Ha! Boy they had me fooled.
Eventually after a few grueling months of pumping money into these autoreponders and not to mention my monthly payments for the few companies (which I will not name) that I was working with, I came to realize I would never see a profit on autopilot. What a drag that realization was. I wanted and was suppose to get rich almost overnight. At least that was the promise and the guarantee I was given. Whoops, my mistake for believing.
You see there are probably hundreds if not thousands of companies out there with the same promises. They show you all this nice stuff on their cushy little websites. You know the cars, the boats, the vacation spots, but what they don't tell you is the only reason they have this stuff is because they own the website or maybe it's possible they don't have these things to begin with. They are selling a dream. And we all have dreams don't we? We all want to live a life of luxury without having to worry about money.
That's where this autopilot tool they use really works and sells. Why wouldn't it? Do you really want to have to work? Wouldn't it be great if we could just sit back and watch the money come pouring in. For instance, those cash gifting programs, money at the door on a daily basis. Ha! How do you think that would feel? Awesome! Ah, another check for 3 thousand and I got one for a thousand yesterday. Isn't life grand.
Sorry it doesn't work like that. I wish it did, because if that were the case we would all be millionaires. Did you know only 3% of all online marketers actually succeed? So where does that leave the other 97%? Well I'll tell you. They do what they always did, go to work, eat, sleep and dream. Dream of things that never happened or maybe they still believe, but just don't realize yet that their goals shall never be reached because they are either in the wrong system with the wrong training or are pumping their hard earned money into multiple programs hoping one of them will work.
The sad part of it all was that was me. I was ready to give up. I didn't have a clue about marketing. I did what I was told and figured I would get rich. Instead, I grew steadily poorer. I could have used that money on other things, sure, but you know what it is, it's all part of the online biz learning curve that I think most people go through.
Of course, you hear stories of instant success, and God Bless them if that were true. I wish I had been so lucky and smart.
My unique journey was anything but. Do you know what I mean? Did you go through what I went through or are you still floundering around wondering how this thing works?
Well, I will say if you stick with it there is a chance you can still make it work. Of course, knowledge is key in any endeavor. Could you become an engineer or a doctor without the proper training and schooling? Not! It would be nice though wouldn't it? It's the same thing with owning and operating an online business. You've got to learn the ropes. Training is a must, but where do you get that training if the system you are presently using doesn't offer any? Good question. Do you go out and pay a pretty penny for some program that promises training, but in reality all they are selling is a training program that focuses of their program. In truth, I can't blame any company for doing that, but I want success, not another program and then another.
I went through that and it isn't fun. See, I've been at this for over 3 years and I began to grow tired blowing money into the wind. I was about to give up. Yeah, I still had a couple of programs wasting space on the web, but I didn't know what to do about it.
Then luckily I found a company that changed everything. They allowed me to drag my programs with me and helped me promote. They taught me nothing is easy. Work must be done. You have to keep at it in order to succeed. And now I felt success was finally within reach. I was learning and learning fast. I didn't have a clue on how to get prospects. My autoreponders after months of pumping out e-mails only gave me a few and only one sale. One sale! Now, can you imagine how proud I was to say that within 2 days of working with MLM Lead System Pro I had created 10 prospects and one sale. That was within 2 days. Imagine my excitement. I was actually making this work and it comes down to the training. It is awesome. The system itself is packed with knowledgable info and great tutorials. Video training, marketing techniques and the effect and blend of presentation is what stands out the most. They have got it down. And do you know what that means? Money in the bank baby!
The beginning was rough but the end shall be the dream that I imagined when I began my online experience. I hope your dreams come true as well and if you are stuck in the agony of profitlessness then come and join my team. I can make no promises. It is all up to you. How much work are you willing to put into it at first. Maybe 2 hours a day or how about 10? I guess it all depends on your schedule, but whatever it may be one thing is for sure if you stick with it and follow a simple laidout formula you will succeed. That is a guarantee. I hate to make it because of all the times I've heard it before on all these different programs, but this one is for real. MLM Lead System Pro! It has shown me the light and positioned me to make money. If I were you I wouldn't waste another minute. Join today and enable yourself to conquer your fears and welcome in your dreams.
If you have taken the time to read this article I would like to thank you and wish you the best of luck. My link is http://www.LeadsSystemsMLMPro.com. Go there now and check it out and watch the presentation. You won't regret it.
Take care and God Bless,
James Craven

Discovering the freedom of online success

The mystery in making money online? It is a mystery to most. Trial and error and lots of wasted money. That's just how it is. There are so many people out there interested in creating an online business but how many actually succeed, can you believe only 3%. That means 97% of all potential online marketers fail miserably. It's no picnic that's for sure. How many programs to choose from and they all say pretty much the same thing. My system, they say, guarantees success within 30 days and you will be making hundreds of thousands of dollars by the end of that period. Give me a break. Another thing they claim is that they have a money back guarantee, lots of support, and free leads and not to mention it's a turnkey system where all you have to do is type in your name and the money comes pouring in. Can you imagine? If that were true we would all be millionaires.
The truth of it is is that it takes a lot of work and many hours spent behind your computer working your business, whatever it may be. The key to it all is not to give up. You've got to work hard, set your goals for the day and implement them.
The other difficult task is in weeding through the endless programs. If you want to become an online entrepreneur you know how difficult this can be. Which is the right one? They all promise the world in 90 days. So what to do? You have to know for one thing what you would like to do. Would you like to sell products, become an affiliate or just jump around from one program to another? The choice is yours, but what if I could tell you there really is a program that exists that gives you all the support, mentoring, and money making potential you'd be looking for. Would you be interested? Of course. A system truly exists and I was lucky enough to have found it after years of blowing my hard earned money into the wind. It's called www.LeadsSystemsMLMPro.com. My life has changed since this discovery. I was beginning to think my online venture was a waste of time. Not so! As it turns out I can sleep happy at night knowing I've made a great life changing decision. You can too. I hope you do. If your not happy with your current program or just don't know how to market it you can take that program and implement it into their system. It's a win, win. Say you spent all that time and money into a program and aren't ready to give it up, well you can take it with you to www.LeadsSystemsMLMPro.com and learn the secrets to marketing and finally draw a profit.
If you took the time to read my ad I would like to thank you and wish you the best of luck. God Bless and have a good day. James Craven